Mafia Anonymous; The Women Speak

About The Show

A One Woman Show Written and Performed by Pina

Solo Coach : Jessica Lynn Johnson

Directors: Gita Farid, Ilana Lydia.


MAFIA ANONYMOUS; THE WOMEN SPEAK . Original performance by PINA. Fiction, BASED ON TRUTH. “Nella is the leader of a WOMEN’S Mafia Anonymous group. It is rumored that Nella’s dad did business with the Mafia. The piece is dedicated to Laura Peralta, Laura was Murdered in 2012 in AZ. The piece examines the murder case through the character voice of Diana, a Ghost. The piece is also dedicated to the Artist Father (Romano) and examines their complex relationship. The piece serves to Promote Women Voices. Mafia Anonymous; The Women Speak written and performed by the Artist PINA. Pina is a writer/performance artist currently living in Phoenix, whose lifelong work explores the transformation of marginalized people as they wrestle with oppression and the corrosive effect of labels. Gender Themes are explored in the Show – A LINE from the Lead Character NELLA: “Gender Construct. I’ve been re-reading Judith Butler’s book Gender Trouble. “ Hyper Masculinity.” These men are acting out Cultural definitions of Manhood. It is what they know. What they see. “

PINA Has written/Performed & Toured her first One woman Show: Pinhead Number #1 in 4 Fringe Festivals; Edinburgh Scotland (2019), Tucson Fringe ( 2017), Adelaide,Australia (2016) Phoenix Fringe (2014). Pina has acted in Films;Veil ( Gatekeeper of Death),Wasteland Cop ( Signrun), Funny As Hell ( Satan), Mark of the Banshee ( Banshee), Ilyushin (Maxima). Pina was seen in Frankenstein (Justine) at B3, Bold, Brazen & Brilliant (Existential Video ) B3, Three Sisters ( Anifisa) AZ Virtual Theatre , Lysistrata ( Female Ensemble) AZ Virtual Theatre , Lady for a day(Spanish Countess) at Don Bluth theatre. Pina can be heard on Audio Recordings for Pride and Prejudice (Mrs. Bennet), Macbeth (Witch 2). Pina is currently Touring Mafia Anonymous; The Women Speak. The show premiered at White Fire Theatre in Sherman Oaks in March 2022, Cannonball Festival in Philadelphia September 2022 & Tucson Fringe Festival January 2023. The Show was given the Beyond Borders Award in Tucson. A special Award given to work that highlights underrepresented voices. LGBTQIA + , Women’s Voices.

Workshop Offering:

WORKSHOP : Family Secrets, Culture Violence, & The Construction of a New Gender. In this interactive workshop: We will explore your family *secrets, (You can keep them *ANONYMOUS). We will shed some light on the Taboos of your identified Cultures & the Violence with that culture. We will play with Gender Construct. Creating a New Gender for Ourselves. All Bodies, All Ages, Abilities Welcome.Dress for Comfort. Modalities used include : Improvisational Theatre, Experimental Movement, Vocalization & Visual Art Play. Recommended for those searching for new ways to stay honestly connected to our family lineage, ourselves and the idea of creating a New Gender. Contact info for your information :

Audience Reviews:

“FANTASTIC Show Mafia Anonymous;The Women Speak- Super impressive and FUNNY and I love the writing.”

“The show is wonderful! Pina is such a compelling storyteller. I was into the show the whole time!!! So beautiful and funny and heartfelt! I absolutely adored and loved what Pina did on stage.”

“What a story!” “I love authenticity. One of my favorite characters was Diana, that ghost.”

“The meat of it is there. All the gooey cheese and sausage, it’s there!!! Mafia Anonymous; The Women Speak It’s about something and it’s entertaining and it’s different.”

These reviews correlate with the Artist’s intention to bring HUMOR to the PAIN. As PINA continues to TOUR the show, Pina intends to package the show with Workshops on : Family Secrets, Culture, & The Construction of a New Gender.

Mafia Anonymous Clips